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Holistic & Biological Dentistry

Core Principle of Holistic Dentistry: Teeth Affect Health

Teeth are very much directly connected to every single cell, to every single organ in our body and therefore are intimately correlated to bodily functions, organ systems, tissues and cellular health. We are one single organism and everything is entirely interconnected and interdependent.

By recognizing and becoming aware of this fact, we can nurture our bodies via correct diets, medicines and protocols that reverse diseased conditions, and grow beneficial behaviors and biological environments for optimum heath.

Aside from the use of cutting edge technologies such as Oxygen therapies and ozonated oils, and ancient inputs like homeopathy and herbs, we observe the more 'invisble' facets of well being like energy meridians and frequencies.

In the same way as your circulatory system carries blood, energy meridians carry electrical flows which affect our entire system... Our "Energy Bloodstream".  If these highways are blocked or stagnant, it affects the vitality of our body.   

Dr. Storm can help assess, correct and suggest optimum paths for correction of obvious issues, as well as the more subtle declines in overall health by taking into consideration the "invisible" as well as the visible root causes of your 'wholeness'.